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Beyond Campus: Jaipuria Alumni Circle

Welcome to the heart of the Jaipuria Alumni Network, where legacies of excellence and camaraderie thrive. Our About Us section is a testament to the shared journey of ambitious minds who once walked the halls of Jaipuria Institute of Management. Discover the essence of our community, rooted in a commitment to fostering connections, celebrating achievements, and creating pathways for continuous growth. Learn about the pillars that uphold our network - from the vibrant events that unite us to the robust support system that propels careers forward. 

Explore the rich tapestry of stories that shape our collective narrative and understand how, together, we continue to build a legacy of success and friendship that extends far beyond the college gates. Join us in celebrating the power of unity and accomplishment within the Jaipuria family.


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The Alumni Association leverages the resources, talents, and initiatives of alumni and friends to advise, guide, advocate for and support the Association.

Sushil Singh

Sushil Singh

MBA, Batch 2 Year Programme

Ankit Srivastava

Ankit Srivastava

, Batch


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The Alumni Association leverages the resources, talents, and initiatives of alumni and friends to advise.

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